Melancholy Wings

Happy Sunday! Have a look at these fantastic trailers and eerie covers from author Matthew Ashworth for his trilogy Melancholy Wings!


5 thoughts on “Melancholy Wings

  1. I love the art work on the covers. It immediately drew me in. The beginning of your book grabbed me. I will be adding these books to my kindle. The trailers are exciting and a good length. I think all of it is very good except the music. I liked the music, but it sounded a little tinny on my computer. This is just my opinion, but I think a track with more suspense would make it excellent.

  2. Thank you on the feedback. I am glad you liked the covers and the beginning of the book. The music was a tricky thing to find, since I am not sure on the copyright laws in regard to it and I don’t play any instruments myself, so had to use the songs by my brother and one of my online friends.

    • The music is great, but I just think from the covers and description, more suspense would be nice. Check out Rickvanman at . I found him on YouTube and he offers free music. I just downloaded Decadence for my Kindle and look forward to reading it. I will leave a review when I’m done.

      • Sorry for a late reply. Just had a brief look at that site. Thanks loads for the suggestion and also for checking the book out.

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