The Rise of 30 Second Teaser Trailers…

So I’ve learned from experience that when making a book trailer, it tends to be VERY difficult to keep the length under a minute and a half, much less under a minute.  I mean, as authors we have SO much we want to say and showcase for our book that sometimes we run into the problem of overloading our audience with too much information. That being said, I’ve seen more and more teaser trailers floating around lately, usually only about thirty seconds in length, and while they may not be as detailed as a full on book trailer, I do see the merit in them.

Think about it.  Attention spans in the digital age are extremely short and limited, and unless a potential reader has a vested interest in hearing about your book in particular, they are likely to stop watching your book trailer after about thirty seconds anyway.  So maybe keeping the trailer short (or at least having a shorter version of your trailer floating around to capture more interest) is in your best interest if you’re going to use a book trailer to help promote your book.

I thought it would be VERY difficult to squeeze enough interesting tidbits about my book into a meager thirty seconds, but I was surprised once I actually gave it a shot that it was much easier than I had expected. In fact, it was almost better, because it was concise and to the point, and it serves the purpose of giving a little taste to wet a reader’s appetite without boring them to death with a long script and endless images.

In any event, here are two thirty-second teaser trailers I have made.  Let me know how I did! 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Rise of 30 Second Teaser Trailers…

  1. You know we love your trailers. But the fact that you have mastered the 30 second trailer is a great achievement! Congrats!

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