A trailer without good music is just…boring!

Good Friday afternoon everyone! I thought it would be fun to talk about choosing music for book trailers today, since this is a topic that has plagued me since I first began making trailers a few months ago.

So here’s the deal:  the most important part about a book trailer is undoubtedly the script, right?  The script you write for your trailer is what is supposed to lure in potential readers and convince them to read your book.  You could also argue that the imagery in your book trailer is extremely important, considering that humans are visual creatures and we can be moved to tears, laughter, or heartache simply by looking at a well done image.  But what about the music you choose?  Surely a trailer without music would be…yes, BORING!  But just choosing any ol’ song isn’t going to cut it, you’re going to have to put a lot of time and thought into what song will work best!

What I like to do is once I create my book trailer (images and text), I begin to look up songs that I then listen to alongside the video.  Sometimes I will literally spend hours doing this, just to find the right song that fits both the mood I’m trying to convey in my trailer and one that flows well with the imagery and text.  It should blend seemlessly and suit the video you’ve already made.

So where do you locate good music for trailers??  There is a lot of great royalty free music out there, and some of it doesn’t even cost you anything!

Here’s two great resources for trailer music that I’ve used myself:



And here’s a few others just to give you variety, some are royalty free, some are not, be sure to check:






If you’d like to see an example of a trailer I made using a royalty free music track, you can watch it below.  Thanks for reading!!


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