How do you know you have a bad book cover?

Hi guys!  I wanted to put together a quick snapshot of how you can pick out the weaknesses of your book cover, and how with a few quick and easy fixes, you can dramatically improve its effectiveness.  We can all pick out weak book covers on Amazon, and yet a lot of us are guilty of the same mistakes that make those covers less than adequate.  And since we never get a second chance to make our first impression, it is SO important that we take care to produce the best book covers we can create to showcase our books.  So without further ado, here is a list of five common mistakes frequently made on book covers:

  1. Small font – hard to read, especially in thumbnail form
  2. Bad imagery, pixellated or with poor lighting
  3. Poor blending of two or more images to create the full cover, obvious seams
  4. Uncoordinated font color and image color
  5. Basic, typical, and boring font choices

Now what I’ve done is taken those five mistakes and created sample book covers to illustrate my point.  Then I “fixed” the book covers to drastically improve their marketability.

SAMPLE #1:  Great image, but poorly chosen font type/color/placement

TO FIX:  Utilize better font (different for title and author name), increase size of font for author name so it can be read in thumbnail size.

SAMPLE #2:  Boring, too simple, poor font choice

TO FIX:  Change image border so it blends better with background, better font choice and color, bevel and emboss font to make it more interesting.

SAMPLE #3:  Bad image placement and coloring, boring, bad font

TO FIX:  Move image for more impact, add special effects and adjust coloring of image, add in more imagery to background for more impact, better font choices with bevel/emboss, add in interesting info (Amazon Bestselling Author, review snippet, short quote or saying from novel, etc).

Any book cover can be improved with these simple fixes, and it’s never too late!  Revamping your book’s cover may be the thing you need to boost sales and interest in your work 🙂


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