Hart’s Choice

This is a brand new novella from bestselling author Carolyn Arnold called Hart’s Choice! I had the pleasure of receiving an ARC of this work which I reviewed. Check out the beautiful book cover and trailer below, as well as my review. Best of all, all proceeds from the sales of this novella go directly to the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada in honor of Carolyn’s father-in-law.

My review:

I received this novella as a gift, and was thoroughly impressed yet again by
Carolyn Arnold. Hart’s Choice is a heartfelt, personal, and authentic novella
about one simple thing: love. It lends credence to the time honored saying that
“love lasts forever” as the story follows one couple’s journey through distance
and time, sorrow and joy. It is a tale that is woven beautifully, filled with
genuine truths and experiences that anyone can relate to. Arnold initially sets
this lovely story amidst the optimistic, serene 1950’s, only to bring us into
the turbulent, war-ridden 1960’s as the characters struggle with life’s battles
and heartaches. It is a story that is touching in its honesty, heartbreaking in
its reality, and empowering in its message. Arnold truly knows how to embody
pure emotion, and I doubt there will be very many dry eyes after reading this
beautiful novella.


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