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Hi guys and welcome!

I’m Katie Jennings, author of So Fell The Sparrow, The Vasser Legacy, and The Dryad Quartet series and creator of I LOVE BOOK TRAILERS!  I hope you enjoy your visit!

I started this blog because I am fascinated with book trailers. I love watching them almost as much as I love making them! It’s like having a little mini-movie that represents your book. Who wouldn’t want one? And book covers also play an important role in the marketing aspect of a book. You could have the greatest book ever written but if it’s packaged poorly then no one will bother reading it. And that would be a shame, right? Which is why having a solid marketing plan and a great cover are crucial to success in the fast-paced world of publishing!

Now sit back, grab a cold drink (I’ll take a margarita, thank you!), enjoy the book covers and watch some AWESOME book trailers!  Maybe you’ll find some great books you never would’ve found had you not dropped by 😉

Fairytale wishes,


P.S. – I’m not accepting submissions at this time, but please check back soon! 


31 thoughts on “Start Here!

  1. Hi Kate,
    I’d love to have your followers to see the cover and trailer for my new mystery A LEPRECHAUN’S LAMENT. I can’t take credit for either one, but the person responsible did a great job–some neat Irish music in the background. Please let me know how to send these to you. Thanks, Wayne

    • Hi Wayne! Please send the following information to with the subject “Submission”:
      1. Link to trailer on YouTube
      2. Link to cover image or attach the image to the email
      3. Amazon link to where guests can purchase the book and find out more info 🙂

      Thank you!!

  2. Hi Katie,
    The blog looks great, I do have a book trailer and a cover, I will email you with the details if that is ok? Its a great thing that you are doing and I do admire a person who is always there for others 🙂
    I will be sharing the link 🙂

    Thanks Kevin :0)

  3. Looks great! INZARED, Queen of the Elephant Riders was just published as an e-book on Kindle this week. I would love to share the beautiful cover and video trailer I had designed for the book. I am so proud of both, and the designers I worked with were fabulous!

  4. Hi, Katie,

    Thank you kindly for your generosity and sharing spirt to other writers.

    As you obviously know, an author’s title and book cover art are the top two sales tools. My co-author, Bob Vale, and I are happy to see our comment and link listed here. On July 4 we offered the eBook of YOUR GIFT TO ME, free, on Amazon, where it had been listed in eBook and paperback for under three weeks. YOUR GIFT TO ME hit the #1 free Amazon Best Seller list in the wee hours of July 5th….since then it’s been on two category list in paid Amazon Best Sellers. We went through seven covers before we settled on our final. I invite your friends and readers to see the book trailer listed above.

    I’m off to view some of the other trailers! Thanks again!

    Bonnie Bartel Latino/Bob Vale

  5. This is such a great site. I am so intrigued with book covers and trailers, and I hope my comments offer encouragement. Katie has great trailers and covers. They were so well done that I went and bought her 1st book for my kindle. I will be reading it this weekend. I am so excited about this site. Thank you Katie, for sharing your knowledge and giving other authors a great opportunity.

  6. Wow Katie, this is such an interesting blog!
    I totally agree with you that there is something very fascinating about book covers and trailers. It’s the first point of contact for people, so in some ways it can be the most important thing!
    We recently unleashed our book cover on our blog, and we were so unbelievably happy with the work that our designer did. It almost made us as happy as writing the book itself! It’s so very important.

  7. Thank you so much Katie for putting Fracture The Secret Enemy Saga trailer on your site. Everyone tells me the trailer has the feel of a movie release and I have O. G. Tomes to thank for that. Her hard work and understanding of what I was looking for was greatly appreciated.

  8. Katie, thank you for creating this space for indie authors. I am a graphic designer, who would love to work with MORE authors, and this space will allow me to share the work I have done so far & (hopefully) more in the future. I feel for all of these wonderful authors, like yourself, who pour their heart and soul (and time!) into their projects. Self-promotion can be a daunting task, I would love to help new authors create a presence that is not only unique and creative, but to help give their book covers and trailers the attention deserved to make them look like true professionals 🙂

    Link for my book trailers

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